Community Creator Dan Harmon Calls Season 4 an ‘Unflattering’ Impression of His Work


Dan Harmon Slams Community Season 4Never one to mince words, Community creator Dan Harmon has spoken out for the first time after screening the cult comedy’s polarizing Season 4 — which, for the uninitiated, moved ahead without his specific brand of “genius.”

The returning showrunner revealed during his latest Harmontown podcast that he’d finally gotten around to watching his creation’s latest run. And…? “I guess I already knew this, but apparently I’m a genius,” he shared. “I think I feel pretty comfortable in expressing that [Season 4] wasn’t my cup of tea.

“It’s not somebody doing what they do,” he explained, referring to his one-off replacements Moses Port and David Guarascio. “It’s very much like an impression — an unflattering one. It’s 13 episodes of people doing, ‘Derpy, derpy, der, I’m Dan Harmon, der.'”

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Conceding that his fill-ins…

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