Cities looking to make green on retail pot business

Portland might get a nearby spot to smoke up legally. This thanks to the tiny town of White Salmon, WA just over the Oregon border. Makes sense and that will make dollars but of course that means stick-in-the-muds will still complain…

Q13 FOX News

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WHITE SALMON, Wash. — A small town in southwest Washington wants to get into the pot business in an attempt to bolster its bottom line.

The park-n-ride parking lot along Highway 14 is where city officials say they’d open a city-owned pot retail store. The White Salmon City Council shot down the idea on Monday night but there are some residents that hope the council will reconsider

pot“If they’re going to be there, at least let’s use the money to the public advantage,” Mayor David Poucher said.

Only a few thousand people live in White Salmon. It’s a small community living in the shadow of Mount Hood on the Oregon border. Like most small towns, White Salmon is looking for ways to put money in the bank.

“We lost the liquor tax money, we lost the car tax money, we lost a lot of different things,” Poucher said.

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